Monday, 19 May 2014

That little glow.......

We've just had a beautiful weekend of sun in the UK which can only mean that we all run out in our gardens, uncover the BBQ (which you then remember you didn't clean from last summer!) and take full advantage of the long summer evenings.  I think being able to sit outside in the evenings is one the most enjoyable things about the summer. I lovely warm evening, surround by amazing food,  wine (or a few cocktails) and good friends and family is such a pleasure. Something to consider in this scenario is lighting, as you don't want the evening to end just because you can no longer see the wine glass in front of you!  Mood lighting really sets the scene, I've been putting some boards together on pinterest with some ideas for garden lighting. I've added a few here

If you're lucky to have a tree that your table set sits under then you can hang a multiple of lanterns from it to create a wonderful canopy of lights. There are endless options to buy for hanging garden lights.  If you don't have a tree to hang lights from, you can always fix hanging basket brackets to the fence posts and hang lights from these.

There is also the option to use shepherd crook steaks in the ground to create some height to hang lanterns from. 
You can also create some beautiful lighting from using tea light holders, or how about doing a whole pattern in your lawn or on the decking just by using tea light holders like the picture on my mood board.

1. rustic hanging candelabra - cox and cox

2. Hanging copper star tea light holder - cox and cox

3. Extendable festoon lighting - cox and cox

1. Shepherd's hook hanging lantern - not on the high street

2. Hanging tear drop votive - not on the high street

3. Metal star tea light holders - not on the high street

There's something very romantic/magical about candle light outside it creates a whole a different dimension to your garden.

Let's hope the weather stick's around

Happy Shopping
xxx Stacey

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bag love of the week......

I don't think you can ever have too many bags my husband would disagree with me there, but he says the same thing about bikes so we agree to disagree! With summer now upon us I always like to have a good tote bag that can take you through all the summer. It needs to be great for the beach, on a boat, shopping, dog walking, flight bag etc etc. So it's got to be versatile, I've fallen deep in love with this bag from LK Bennett it's called the Cleethorpes canvas beach bag and it's calling my name!
I just love it's vintage British summer seaside style and I think it pretty much will go with any summer outfit, and what's more fit loads of stuff in it.
They also do the Whitley canvas beach bag which is just as cute!

I will be posting another little beauty handbag next week

Happy Shopping
xxx Stacey

My Beauty Love......

It's been a while since I last posted, we had a lovely holiday in Cornwall (which I will post about shortly) and then work has been hectic. I've got loads I want to post just the same old problem in trying to find the time to do it. 
I've been meaning to do this post for a long time as I am a beauty addict! You name it I've tried it I am a beauty brand marketing dream, anything new I want to try it. I'm by no means an expert in make up and I have no clue if I'm applying it correctly but I love it all. I wanted to share with you my go to must have items that I tend to wear everyday (depending on time). I don't have great skin having had great skin in my teens I developed spots in my twenties so going make up free is not an option. That is not to say I cake it on, as I don't and I always clean my skin everyday no matter what.
So here is my must haves

I wouldn't say I love one particular brand but Bobbi Brown is a favourite, I'm also not a make up snob it doesn't have to be designer.
1. Nars blush - Orgasm   Now if you haven't heard of this you don't read any magazines as this is the
    blusher that everyone uses. The colour is perfect not too pink not too coral
2. Nars bronzer - Laguna  I've tried lots of different bronzers (being incredibly pale) and this is by 
    far the best colour for my skin tone it gives great coverage and doesn't make me look orange. I 
    often get asked if I've been in the sun, so this wins for me!
3.  Mac Mineralize powder - light I like to use this as either an all over finishing powder to stop a greasy looking face or a use small amounts on blemishes as a cover up
4. Clinque moisture surge foundation -     I love this liquid foundation it goes on so smoothly doesn't 
    dry my skin out but also doesn't make it oily either. Great coverage a little goes a long way.
5. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer -    I go through a lot of concealers this one has a good consistency and  mixes well with other colours ( I like to mix my colours to get the perfect match to my skin)
6. Bobbi Brown Kohl cake eyeliner - I prefer to put my eyeliner on with a brush with a cake eyeliner that you wet, I just prefer having more of a control on how much I am applying. I'm not sure if this is available anymore  
7. Laura Mercier Radiance powder-  highlight 01  I've only just recently discovered this little gem  and its amazing it's perfect for highlighting on your cheekbones (or creating some like me!)
8. The natural collection water guard mascara - I have to thank Rock my Style blog for this amazing mascara not only is it only £1.99 I know £1.99! it's brilliant. No clogging, no smudging makes my eyelashes look longer I can't go on enough about this. Its also currently on offer from boots 3 for £5 I've been stocking up!
9. Yves saint Laurent - touché clat -  If you don't know about this little gem then where have you been? if you have been in outer space I will fill you in, it hides the bags under your eyes and makes you look younger need I say more!
10. Lancôme rouge in love lipstick - I've already shouted about this lipstick range from Lancôme here  the colours are bright, it lasts for hours and doesn't dry your lips out.
11. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette - I've had this for a little while now so I don't think you can still get it but this is similar. The palette has the perfect selection of neutral shades that you build up to create a stronger look, or keep I soft for a more subtle look.
These are my everyday essentials, I could go on about the rest of make up I have in my bulging make up bag but I think I will leave that to another day!
I would love to hear if you have any recommendations?
Happy Shopping
xxxx Stacey

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lace me up.......

The sun has been shining (sometimes!) the blossom is out, the evenings are lighter it only makes me more excited for summer. We are off to Cornwall soon for a week away with the pups and then in a few months to the south of France. I can't wait to see the sun, to be able to eat outside, to wear sandals, go out on the river, walk on the beach and have picnics.
I've been going mad on pinterest putting together my ideas for summer fashion, I think I love a mixture of boho princess and chic European Riviera lady.

Lace has to be one of the Boho wardrobe staple pieces for the summer it's just so sexy and feminine

all these images above are from pinterest my board called holiday fashion

You can mix up the lace so it doesn't look not too much like you've raided your great aunts dressing up box!
A lace dress mix with a leather belt and sandals like the one above keeps it simple.
I love the lace shorts worn with the loose white silk blouse so soft and sexy.
The lace crop top with coral pleated maxi skirt is still on trend this year.

Here are a few key pieces you can add to your summer wardrobe this season.

1. Ivory lace skater dress from Marks and spencer has a very vintage look about, you can easily dress this up with a statement necklace or thin leather belt. It's only £45.00 bet snap it up!
2. Lace flower tank top from Anthropologie is perfect to wear with denim cut of shorts or maxi skirt
3. Lace shorts from H&M look amazing with beautiful tanned legs, a pair of gladiator sandals or espadrilles and at £14.99 you can't go wrong
4. Vintage lace maxi skirt from ASOS it is part of their premium collection. I think it's stunning certainly an investment piece. There are so many options you can style this and the fit is very flattering and it is only £65.00

So do you think you will be adding some lace to your wardrobe this summer?

Next post will be my favourite European Riviera looks

Happy shopping

Stacey xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Go West........

I sometimes find the high street can be pretty uninspiring for home décor, it has got better lately but design trends tend to take a while to filter down to the high street. Shopping online you have a much wider choice and are more likely to find something a bit different. 
One of my favourite stores is West Elm a Brooklyn based company that has a shop in London. Their style is very much the American eclectic mid century look which I am totally loving at the moment.
The online shop has a fantastic selection of furniture, accessories, soft furnishings and coming soon lighting. They often have online promotions and I think for the quality and design their prices are very good.
I've got my eye on quite a few pieces:

1. Zigzag blue curtains I love this pattern and at £39.00 per curtain you really can't go wrong
2. Everett ink blue armchair trying to find an armchair for Guy is a nightmare he just can't decide
(I think I may decide for him) this chair is super comfy and fits in our small bay perfectly
3. Foxed mirror sideboard our current black gloss sideboard is nice but its a very solid dark colour, what I love about this sideboard is the reflective mirror panels on the front and the art deco style of it.
4. Appliqued diamond cushions  I have a mild obsession with cushions these are perfection enough said!
5. Martini side table    This years big trend is a departure from chrome mixing brass, coppers and bronzes adds a warmth and depth. This side table is a great size for small spaces.
6. Hive vases As you will see from my photographs I own quite a few vases I collect them from antique shops, eBay and anywhere else I can get my hands on them! I love the shape and colours of these ones

When we moved into our house one of the rooms that needed some help was the lounge. This is the estate agent picture of it, as you can see it is pretty uninspiring and the fireplace just hurts my eyes!
Having just spent a load of money on buying the house we couldn't afford to do a lot to the house so we did a few inexpensive things to make it feel more like home.

The first thing we did was to change the paint colour from magnolia to a softer warmer tone from Dulux trade. We couldn't afford to change the fireplace so we painted it black a massive improvement! To give the fireplace wall more of a focal point we hung this sepia toned photo montage wallpaper from Laura Ashley that was in the sale for a total bargain!
The aqua roller blinds, yes I know roller blinds in the lounge?! we changed to white wood slats from Tesco direct again a total bargain.

Its now been over a year since we moved in so we want to do some more changes and this room is on the list, its fine but not really what we would have chosen. The fireplace needs to be changed, the wallpaper we would like a softer one with maybe a colour. The floor needs replacing as the carpet gets dirty very quickly being the walk way through the hall to the kitchen. Guy is desperate for a man chair to sit in the bay window and I would like some roman blinds and curtains at the window. The furniture was from our old house and we have moved on from this style now. We still don't have loads of money to spend but one of two pieces would be nice from West Elm.
Sorry for the poor quality photographs had to use my phone!
I will be posting some more before and after pictures of what we have done to the house and hopefully an update on this lounge!
Happy Shopping
Stacey xxx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

January blues......

wow that has been a long sllllooooowwwww month!
January has always been a bit of a come down from the all singing all dancing December, no money, the weather is always grim, you feel really fat and summer seems so far away.
I've been trying to cheer myself up so we've booked two holidays one for Easter in Cornwall which the pups will love! The other is in Provence in the summer, oh sunshine I can't wait!
To try and brighten my mood my fashion taste has been heading towards bright colours, if you follow me on pinterest you would have seen my spring has sprung board which is full of bright accents

Here are a few of my favourites from my pinterest board, I love the brightness of these colours they slap you in the face and say wake up! Who cares if it's been raining for what seems like 6 months, look at my bright jumper!

We went to London yesterday to meet friends for drinks and dinner. Whenever we pop up to town we love to do a quick trip into Selfridges, but just before we walked up to the store after getting off the bus (yes I did say bus!) I quickly bundled us into Marks and Spencer's and I'm so glad I did. I'm in love with their spring summer collections there is so much colour. Autograph have the most amazing trousers cropped floral trousers with matching top.  The cashmere section is what fluffy dreams are made of in every colour of the rainbow! I fell head over heels for their bright flamingo pink jumper with gold side zips, to be honest the picture on their website does not do it any justice. It's just the colour I have been looking for and the gold zip details give it an amazing shape.
I have also been on the look out for pattern trousers, ones that don't make my hips look any bigger, I saw the navy spot print cropped trousers on Boden's website and after reading all the great reviews I gave them a go. I'm so glad I did as the shape and fit is divine my only gripe is the length as they don't do them in a short leg so they are not exactly cropped on me but it's nothing my sewing machine wont fix.  They also come in some bright colours I've got my eye on the red ones!
They also have some candy coloured handbags I particularly like the lemon yellow leather bowling bag.
Good old M&S have a great collection of shoes and these pink faux suede pointed shoes are super cute and a super bargain at £19.50
Statement jewellery is one of my things and trying to find pieces is not easy, Mint Velvet seem to always have something every season that I love. This gold cuff is so simple but gives any outfit an instant cool vibe and the gold tribal style necklace goes with anything.

So what do you think, will you be making everyone wear shades when you dazzle them in your bright outfit?

xxx Stacey

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tis the season......

I'm currently lying in bed with my two little pups lying next to me, Guy has gone to work (finishing off setting up our new offices). It feels funny to think its New Year's Eve, I know everyone says it but this year has flown past so quickly! 

We have been living in our new home for a year now and I still have to pinch myself to believe its ours. Having the space has really made a difference to our lives, I know I felt very stressed out in our old house but I didn't realise how much. Even the dogs our happier! 

It's been a funny year when I think back, work is a very big part of our lives and we've achieved a lot this year. Starting in January when went to Paris for the maison objet exhibition in a blizzard of snow. 
Deciding to have our own collection of furniture which I designed and previewed at Henley festival. We will have the final pieces in February, which I am very excited to see. 

We had our first nearly two week holiday in years in June, Provence was so relaxing and being able to share it with friends was lovely. 

The garden really came to life despite us not having a clue what we were doing! 
We even managed to grab a few days in the summer to have a few boat trips on the river which the pups adore. 

September we got a week away to take the pups on their holiday to port Isaac and despite the weather not being great we had a lovely time, especially discovering Nathan outlaw had a newly opened restaurant in port Isaac! 

October we had our annual Halloween/bonfire night party which was great fun to decorate the house and Guy loves to show off his cooking skills.

November we had a weekend away in West Sussex with my family for my dad's birthday. We all stayed in a cottage by the sea with four dogs (my two and my parents two) Scamp the newest member of the family had a few lessons from Alfie in how to behave around his elders. Which was basically don't walk near him or make eye contact! It was a lovely break and nice to be able to spend time together.

The biggest thing this year has been planning our office move, we originally wanted to be moved by August but it took until beginning of December to have the building ready. The designing of the offices as well as the showroom area was a challenge but I enjoyed doing it. The actual moving has been the most stressful two weeks of our lives! Guy and I have been exhausted mentally and physically adding Christmas into it nearly pushed us over the edge! 

Christmas has been surprisingly good, Guy and I did not have flu which is usually the norm! it's been busy but nice. Sunday was spent in our PJ's sitting under blankets in front of the fire watching tv all day something we haven't had time to do for years bliss! 

So not sure what next year will bring it's already looking to be a busy one! 

I'm very thankful for our lives, our families and our friends and how lucky we are to have them 

Happy new year I hope it's a good one xxxxx

Ps a few Christmas decoration pictures from our home